Lithium-Ion Battery Testing

Lithium-Ion Battery Testing

Universal eMTA Battery Testing System


Product Overview

eMTA Li-Ion Battery Testing System is a high precision integrated solution. It is fully scalable and each chassis offers 12-batteries testing capability. It can test and charge Arris, Motorola and SA batteries and consists of:

Image of SA 3-cell battery, Motorola 3-cell battery, Arris 3-cell battery, Arris 2-cell battery and Arris 4-cell battery

  • Manager server with battery tester software installed
  • Battery Tester Station
  • Ethernet switch on
  • Barcode scanner and other optional equipment

Image showing universal eMTA battery testing system

Software and Hardware

Initial set up offers 5 types of batteries with option to add more batteries as future upgrade. Software is design to test and charge Arris, Motorola and SA Li-Ion batteries. It uses same chassis for Arris, Motorola and SA batteries

Image showing 2 different adapters, first one for 2 cell batteries only and second one universal adapter for 2,4 and 8 cell batteries

3-Cell Battery Testing

Each universal 2U chassis is capable of testing and charging Arris, Motorola or SA 3-cell batteries.
Image of 3 cell batteries

2-Cell, 4-Cell & 8-Cell Battery Testing

Each universal 2U chassis is capable of testing 2-Cell and 4-Cell Arris batteries. Even it can test and charge Arris 8-Cell batteries using the blind entry adapter.

Chassis are fully scalable in a standard 19-inch rack where up tp 16 chassis can be stacked with vent fans at bottom & top of the testing rack and and front & back door closed.

Testing Process

The testing process is designed to evaluate battery pack into two important aspects. One is to check the charge capacity as a fuel gauge with typical voltage and current behavior during charging from near empty state of the battery pack. While the other one is to confirm the discharge behavior based on known load from the fully charged state of the battery pack.


The "Full Test" process can be divided into three phases namely pre-discharge, charge and post-discharge. In addition to the “Full Test” process, the system is capable of working in “Charge Only” and “Discharge Only” mode. During each and every process, data are saved in to data file for future analyses. Statistical report is available for the work summary.

Individual serial number of batter is logged to figure out the history of the battery tested.