Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring

Remote  Monitoring & Management


  •   Increase profitability
  •   Prevent  blackouts
  •   Eliminate idle running
  •   Minimize operating Expense
  •   Avoid virtual fuel Theft
  •   Improve Generator life expectancy


  • Preventive maintenance alerts
  •  7/24 supervision
  •  Daily,weekly,monthly and yearly data logs for Genset running Fuel Consumption   and Cost Analyses

Expandable Din Rail Mount Modular Design

Add Additional Modules to Monitor Battery Bank, Grid Power and Solar Power Systems 


Monitor & Manage Your Fuel Tank, Power Generator & Much More……….at anywhere In the World

  • Running Load On GENSET (KW)
  • Individual Phase  Voltage and Current
  • GENSET Run Time
  • GENSET Fuel Consumption & Cost
  • RPM and Frequency
  • GENSET Battery Status
  • Coolant Temperature & Oil Pressure
  • Real Time Fuel Level Status
  • Low Fuel Level Alarms
  • Fuel Left for How Many Minutes/Hours
  • Fuel Theft & Pilferage Alarm
  • Fuel Re-filling Updates
  • Maintenance Alerts and More….



  • Your remote Sites are at your fingers tips     
  • No More Blind Areas
  • Receive Real Time Alarm Alerts