Automated Digital Set Top Testing

Automated Digital Set Top Testing


  • Tests most common types of Motorola/Arris STB’s
  • Automated testing of 20 or more STB at a time
  • Database Storage of all parameters and test results
  • Capture of primary functions and diagnostic info including
  • Response, OOB lock, QAM Lock, Tuning, Code Versions
  • Purchases, HD status, PVR capability
  • HDMI and/or Video Out confirmation
  • Audio out Confirmation of each STB
  • Video Analysis
  • HD Erase, Purchase Removal, Clear PIN
  • System default setting upon completion of test
  • Full Report availability f database


This is Trivision's custom designed 'test fixture' for Set Top boxes and Cable modems. It is self powered and wired for RF, HDMI & A/V signals and network distribution. Its main purpose is to separate preparation and testing tasks in order to speed up the process, maximise the productivity and reduce the expenses. one system can power up and provide signals to 100 devices. 

The platform is being used for; 

  • Testing labs
  • In-house testing and wiring up modems etc.
  • Repair facilities


Image showing DAC system and automatic test station and screenshot of test area operator screen

Automatic Set top Test system Main Dashboard 

Screenshot of automatic set top test system main dashboardImage of 20 set top box video monitoring