Digital to Analog Bulk Cable Delivery System

Digital to Analog Bulk Cable Delivery System


As cable companies migrate to an all-digital transport system analogue TVs will require a digital set-top box (DSTB) to be installed at the television.  We know that in multi-screened environments such as Condo building, Hotels, sports bars, motels, health centers, prisons, Commercial offices, financial institutions  and fitness centers there may be physical or security restrictions that will not allow the installation of the box at the set.

The Challange the Applications

As cable companies migrate to an all-digital distribution system each TV at customer’s premise will require a Digital Set-Top Box (STB) installation. In multi-screened environments such as:

Sports bars & restaurants
• Hotels & motels
• Health centers
• Correction facilities
• Educational facilities
• Fitness centers
• Small communities
• Commercial facilities

The Solution

Trivision Mini Headend fills the gap by combining digital set-top boxes with analogue modulators and utilizing the customer's existing analogue network, with installation in the network or control room.

Example of several units operating in one facility. Each unit offers 12-channels

Image showing several 12 channeled digital set top box combined together

Individual Set Top Infrared enable and Programming Board

Image of Individual set top box programming board showing common infrared sensor for all STB channel programming and how to enable desired individual STB infrared receiver using dip switch block from front panel

How Does It Work

  • customer chooses the number of channels and the channel plan that works best for them
  • cable company sets a monthly fee
  • cable company ships to Trivision the channel plan and a DSTB for each channel, whereupon the set-top boxes are upgraded with power on start to a designated channel:
  • Each DSTB acts as a fixed receiver and is paired to a dedicated analogue modulator.
  • Remote control features are disabled (if necessary)
  • The STBs are designed to re-set themselves to the same pre-fixed channel in the event of power interruption
  • system is assembled and tested in a mini-rack configuration, which can be wall-mounted or placed upon a small shelf
  • unit requires 120/220 VAC at the site, and access to the CATV input and various coaxial outputs to each customer device
  • system remains fully controlled by the cable company
  • System can support 2-additional video channels inserted locally.
  • systems are scalable from 4 to infinity channels
  • all systems are two-way, 25 dB output

            Assembled in Canada, with a one-year guarantee